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European Removals

Should you be looking to move to a property in Europe, we can arrange for a surveyor to come and view all the furniture and affects that you have to be moved.

During the visit the surveyor will make a comprehensive list of all the furniture and affects that will be taken. This allows us to calculate the volume of goods to be moved.

Several factors can effect prices for European moves; e.g. packing requirements other than standard packing and wrapping (e.g. wooden crates for fine art and fragile items, and cardboard wrapping etc) and distance. Whether the access road is narrow, your property is secluded in a rural setting etc. Quoted prices are on a door-to-door basis.

Our aim at Scotts Of Somerset is to ensure your valued possessions will be transported to your final destination safely, with minimum fuss, providing you with a first class service that Scotts are renowned for every step of the way.


One of the most critical aspects of a European move is the quality of packing. All export packing takes place in your home prior to the moving day using only the very best materials. Our materials are purpose made. Fragile items such as fine art, antiques, pianos, grandfather clocks, paintings and glass display cabinets etc, will be packed using purpose materials and crated for protection.

Full load / sole load

This type of load is where only one customer’s goods are loaded onto the vehicle. The vehicle will travel direct to the customer’s destination address where the consignment will be unloaded. All goods are placed into the correct rooms specified by the customer.

Part load

All part loads require a full inventory which will be taken at the collection address. Customer’s goods may be loaded onto a smaller vehicle at first and brought into our storage for consolidation where they will be held until a full load is ready.

To illustrate how a part load service works please refer to the picture below. This shows a lorry split into various loads on route to destination.

Back loads

Vehicles traveling back from Europe will have the capacity to bring back goods to the UK or alternatively deliver them within mainland Europe. In such cases it is not possible for our surveyor to see the quantity of goods. Therefore we would ask that you complete our online quotation form for us to give you an accurate quotation.