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Packing supplies

Whether you are moving home, or need some new sturdy box cartons for storage Scotts of Somerset has the solution for you. Do not risk packing your valuable belongings in unsatisfactory used boxes.

Using low-grade moving supplies can damage your valuables. Trust Scotts of Somerset to supply you with new long lasting box cartons. Our products are of the highest of quality.

We can also put together your own individual moving packs please call for details.

Paper products, tape and extras

Bubble wrap 100m long for over wrapping
Packing paper 10 kg – clean white paper no need to wash cups and plates etc £10.00 each
Acid free tissue paper 5kg – lead crystal and silver-no damage through tarnishing etc £10.00 each
4-ply standard paper blanket 40.5 x 71 blankets to protect delicate veneered furniture etc £1.75 each
Tape 48mm x 66m £1.00 each
Wardrobe cartons £10.00 each

Paper covers

These are specially designed for armchairs and mattresses and offer the ideal protection, durability and strength.

4-ply paper armchair cover £10.00
4-ply paper 2-seater cover £10.00
4-ply paper 3-seater cover £11.00
4-ply paper 4-seater cover £11.00
2-ply single paper mattress bag £8.00
2-ply king-size paper mattress bag £8.50

Polythene covers

Polythene covers are the ideal solution to dirt and dust protection whilst in storage or during transportation.

200-gauge armchair cover £1.00
200-gauge 3-seater cover £1.50
200-gauge 4-seater cover £2.00
250-gauge 3’6” mattress bag £2.50
250-gauge 5ft mattress bag £2.50
250-gauge 6ft mattress bag £3.00

Void filler poly chips

Two types are available (including a special environmentally-friendly type) to meet every requirement.

Poly chip £24.50 per large 15 cu. ft bags
Greenfill Poly Chips Biodegradable £24.50 per large 15 cu. ft bags

All prices exclude vat.