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Pianos & clocks

packingStrike any key on a piano and you’ll get an inimitable, resonant sound. Try to move a piano though and you’ll get an inimitable headache. They make beautiful music, but pianos are heavy (even light pianos weight around 300lbs.), they are large and awkwardly shaped. With over 1,200 parts in your piano, any of which may just be waiting to break!

Moving pianos is a complicated and important operation, requiring precision, great care and above all professional training. Even then it takes many years to master. Piano moving is a specialist job and should only be carried out by a qualified removal company.

Scott of Somerset have been expertly trained in the art of grand and upright piano removals. Our knowledge and having the correct specialist equipment for the job, plus the experience we have gained over the years, lets you know your treasured possessions are safe in our hands.

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are another one of our fortes. Grandfather clocks should only be moved by a competent and qualified company. Once again our knowledge, experience and being highly trained lets you know Scotts of Somerset are the only choice.

Please contact us for information on the safest and most cost-effective means of transporting your instrument or grandfather clock within the UK and overseas.